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Monthly Archive for February, 2009


Company housing in TinTown

I discovered that my grandmother and her family lived in a ‘shantytown’ called TinTown. This company housing is referred to as ‘patch’ housing in western Pennsylvania. She and her family moved from Chicago when she was still a young child. When she arrived in TinTown, she had never been in school and [...]

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Finding New Family

Since discovering this startling likelihood that our origins could be part Gypsy, I have been engaged in further research and investigation about my family. I have been calling up relatives to obtain more little bits and pieces of information. Whenever I hear the same thing from two different sources, I give it a lot of [...]

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Digging Deeper Into My Family Roots

One person with matching HRV1 and HRV2 to me specifically asked about my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother’s ethnic backgrounds, a question I could not answer. What did he mean by ‘ethnic’? I decided to get my mother involved since I really didn’t know very much about my great-grandmother. As it turned out, neither did she! [...]

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