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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

Finns in Telluride

Telluride shares some history with me. At the turn of the century, Telluride was a booming mining town with a population larger than today’s population of permanent residents. The name of the town was ‘Columbia’, a name that was changed later because of mix-ups with another town in Colorado that was also named ‘Columbia.’ There [...]

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Telluride Community

I am proud to say that I am a resident of Telluride. It is the place where my heart is, even if my body is not. I travel a lot (my Gypsy gene?) and have family spread across the United States, but Telluride is where I am registered to vote. I enjoy being part of [...]

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A Mountainfilm Notable

Present at Mountainfilm 2009 was a young man named Tim DeChristopher who single-handedly disrupted the sale of oil and gas leases in Salt Lake City in December. Tim is a 27 year-old University of Utah economics  student who was against the drilling of the leases, some which were near located near national parks.
From his first-hand [...]

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Mountainfilm Commitment

No one should miss Mountainfilm in Telluride. I am just returning from the long Memorial Day Weekend of films, panel discussions, art exhibitions, and good conversations about issues that matter. I feel inspired to do something—even if it only a small thing—to help make this world better for future generations. It is easy to feel [...]

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