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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

Genealogy Detectives

Anyone studying his genealogy needs to be a ‘genealogy detective.’ Discovering who you are requires some perseverance and creativity. Sometimes, due to the nature of record keeping, you have to be very resourceful to find your ancestors. I am one such investigator who has come up against finding little or no traces left by some [...]

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The Travelers (U haplogroup)


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Michigan—My Home State

A summer cottage on Mackinac Island

I am a ‘Michigander’ by birth, and in fact, descend from three generations of mostly Michigan people – only my maternal grandmother’s family settled in southwestern Pennsylvania and Chicago upon their arrival in the U.S. in the 1890s. The rest of my family began their lives in Michigan: Finns [...]

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I have discovered that Houghton County is located in the lower half of the Keweenaw Peninsula. For those of you who don’t know northern Michigan, this peninsula is the northernmost finger that reaches into Lake Superior from the upper peninsula of Michigan. We landed at the Houghton Airport, and headed straight for the Deeds Registry [...]

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