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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Divurging Haplogroups

One of the most interesting parts of having a blog is connecting with people who are reading posts on your site. I recently connected with a woman who is U3b, tested by FamilyTreeDNA, who has nothing in common with the ethnic/historical background of ‘my little group of U3b’ people. In fact, she has family members [...]

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The Census

      How many of you have seen the advertisements about the 2010 census on television and billboards; magazines and newspapers? I can’t help but think that all of us who have been immersed with the study of genealogy certainly understand how important those census records are. I know that I [...]

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Gypsies and Persecution

I came across this thought-provoking quote in an article about the Gypsies:
“Perhaps alone among the people of Europe the Gypsies have been able to resist the temptations and vanities of power and the presentations of patriotism and idealogy. Gypsies are known to steal chickens and to cheat when selling cars, but they have never [...]

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Polish Roma

I made mention of the Polish Roma in last week’s post. All of us who are U3b haplogroup have an RMI (Relative Match Index) that matches at a high ratio to Polish Roma — what that means is that out of indigenous populations in the world, we match most closely to Polish Roma. It does [...]

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