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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

The Hungarian Delegation

Last week, I posted about International Exchange. Certainly when you attend something like an ‘International Water Conference’, you never know who you are going to meet. Today I had lunch with a group of Hungarians. They were very polite and friendly, and I quite enjoyed talking to the woman next to me who confirmed that [...]

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International Exchange

I have long been a supporter of international exchange, no matter what form it takes. I think this thought started with me a long time ago when a classmate of mine from elementary school was going to go to live in Brussels with her family. I was so jealous!
Her name was Kate Ralston, and she [...]

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The French Deportation of Gypsies

Since I have been in Europe for the past two weeks, the newspapers and the news programs have been full of the controversial French deportation of the Gypsies to Romania, led by Nicholas Sarkozy. I have been wondering how the Romanians may be feeling about this influx of yet more Gypsies into a country that [...]

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Armenians Say ‘Thank You’

In April 2009, I had the opportunity to travel to Armenia with one of my friends who is from Armenian descent. Although Armenia is not a comfortable traveling experience for tourists, I am not at all sorry that I went. All in all, it was a fascinating country to visit and I learned so much [...]

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