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Monthly Archive for October, 2010

Family Heirlooms

I was reading my most current issue of ‘Nase rodina’ (Our Family), the Czech genealogy magazine published by the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, when I saw the quote, “What do I care about those people? They’re dead. I didn’t know them.” The man quoted was speaking about his dead ancestors.
This comment made me think about [...]

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Danube River Crisis Update

Much to my surprise, last week’s post solicited quite a few comments. Evidently, this news about the sludge moving through Hungary and into the Danube is not in the news in the U.S…and the idea of it is shocking to Americans!
Living as a resident of Colorado, I am aware of the continuing work that is [...]

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The Danube River Crisis

International boundaries have again been in the news as a toxic sludge travels through Hungary and threatens to enter the Danube River, possibly polluting waterways in the countries that surround the Hungarian territory. The Danube passes through Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Romania before flowing into the Black Sea.
The storage pond that burst [...]

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The Water Conference

The water conference in Megeve, titled ‘L’Eau en Montagnes’, was very policy-oriented. I think that its main purpose was to promote the adoption of a ‘Water Framework Directive.’ This directive has been adopted by some countries; but others have not yet made the decision to join in the European effort.
The complexity of dealing with water [...]

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