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Monthly Archive for February, 2011


I happened to be at a concert at the Apollo Theatre the other night to see Smokey Robinson perform. Smokey and I share some history: we are both from Detroit. I also grew up during the Motown Music era when Smokey Robinson was both a performer and songwriter for the Temptations. Many of the Temptation’s [...]

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The Origins of the Name Jagusch

The origins of the Jagusch name – my maiden name before it was ‘Americanized’ to Jakust – has come to my attention again as I have connected with several people over the internet.
The first inquiry was from a young woman inquiring about the Jagusch name origins who included ‘Pomerania’ in her inquiry. Pomerania was a [...]

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Our Mortality

I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older, or whether it’s because I have been studying my own genealogy, but I think a lot more about my own mortality now….the generations seem like ’short shots’ in the span of generations that we contemplate as we study genealogy. I also think that the study [...]

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My Great-Grandfather John Fraley

I descend from a man named John Fraley – he was my great-grandfather, the father of my paternal grandmother, Cecelia. John Fraley was the Americanization of his original name which was Johann Froehlich. He was born in Roboldshausen, Hessen, Germany, in 1861, which I understand is not too far from Frankfurt. He came to the [...]

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