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Monthly Archive for March, 2011

A Visit from the Kenyans

For the past four days, I have been hosting a guest from Kenya in my home. She is a young woman who has been invited to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative meeting for young people, which is being held in San Diego this coming weekend. I have been corresponding with her for a couple [...]

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23andme results

It was about two weeks ago that I got the results from my 23andme testing. I have been trying digest the findings and make sense of them.
My maternal haplogroup was confirmed as U3b1….a bit more precise that just U3b. The ‘1′ represents another mutation that separates me from U3b generally, but remember that U3b is [...]

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Japanese Friendship Rekindled

In this time of global anxiety about the Japanese disasters, multiple and varied in kind, I have a heart-warming story to share with you:
When my son, Kurt, was a little boy, he had several Japanese classmates in his elementary school. Many Japanese families lived in our neighborhood, close to New York City, where the fathers [...]

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Objects of the Heart

I came across the most moving article in the The York Times, Sunday, February 27th. It was an article titled ‘Objects of the Heart’.
It was a short article about things that immigrants bring with them when they leave home, knowing that it could be forever, packing the items that are the most necessary. Some of [...]

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Polish Hill

This past weekend, I re-connected with some old college friends at the wedding of one of their sons. I went to college in mid-Ohio, so many of us came from places that were not too far away. I remember my parents limiting me to a ‘four-hour-by-car’ distance when I was choosing a university to attend. [...]

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