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Monthly Archive for June, 2011

My Night in a Polish Castle

As you can probably imagine, once you are out of the main towns and cities in Poland, accommodations for the night can become a problem. We had been out in the country looking up my family in a small town named Osiek, and there were very few choices of hotels for the night. Certainly nothing [...]

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While driving on the route between Tarnow and Krakow, my guide asked me if I would to visit the salt mines of Wieliczka. I didn’t know anything about it but my ears perked up when she told me it was a UNESCO protected heritage site.
Salt was once one of the oldest and most valuable commodities [...]

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The Gypsy Museum in Tarnow

One of the planned destinations for my trip through Poland was to visit the Gypsy Museum in Tarnow. Tarnow is located in the south of Poland, just east of Krakow by approximately 100 kilometers. It is a smaller town than Krakow, but quite a charming place, with its own ‘market square’ and middle Europe architecture.
I [...]

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Poland’s Sad History

During a visit to Poland, one cannot help but be reminded of the sad history surrounding Poland during WWII. First of all, Warsaw was close to completely destroyed after the war. It is not a particularly beautiful city now, but efforts to reconstruct the Old Town and the old architecture along the city streets are [...]

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