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Monthly Archive for July, 2011

Gypset Style

I recently celebrated a birthday, and one of the gifts I received was a new book called Gypset Style. What exactly is Gypset Style? According to Julia Chaplin, the author (and if she is a descendant of Charlie Chaplin, she is part-Gypsy), Gypsetters are people who are part of an elusive set of people who [...]

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Eating in Poland

I knew that eating in Poland was not going to be a problem for this girl from Detroit! Many of us who grew up in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Illinois where there are a lot of Eastern European people are familiar with traditional foods like golapki, kielbasa, and pierogi. Indeed, some of these well-known dishes [...]

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Polish Milk Bars

As a child, I remember my Finnish grandfather taking me to a Finnish milk bar in Detroit. Perhaps there really were such things back in the 1950s. For me, it was the first time I heard my grandfather speaking another language — he spoke Finnish to the barmaid. I can imagine that I had a [...]

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Warsaw Rising

You may be surprised to learn that Poland gave birth to Europe’s largest resistance movement. During July 1944, the Red Army had reached the banks of the Wisla and panicked German leaders ordered the evacuation of German civilians from Warsaw. Sensitive papers were torched and lost. All the signs suggested that liberation was but days [...]

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