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Monthly Archive for August, 2011


Some of my genetic cousins from 23andMe have contacted me to share my GEDCOM with them through the Gedmatch system. The Gedmatch system is a site that provides tools for making ‘deep’ comparisons between genealogies and DNA test results to help identify possible hidden ancestral connections with distant cousins. This is particularly useful when your [...]

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August and Wilhelmina

Since I am waiting for some more information to include in the post I prepared for this week, I think I will postpone it with the hopes that I will receive the information that I am looking for during this next week.
Last week I wrote about connecting with some Jakust cousins through the contact with [...]

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Genealogy Surprises

The study of genealogy can take you through many twists and turns. I initially had a big job in front of me, researching and hunting for as many records as I could find to illuminate the story of my ancestry. Once the initial push was done, I started adding historical research and family testimony into [...]

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When my friend, Susan, told me that her family was from Chaldean descent, I was probably one of the few Americans who had heard of Chaldeans because I am from Detroit. There is a large community of Chaldeans living in the Detroit area, coincidentally in West Bloomfield, which is the community where I was raised [...]

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The Soviet Deportations

In past posts, I have written about some of Poland’s sad history. Sometimes these stories are not really known until you have the opportunity to visit a country and delve into their history. Poland shares some history with neighboring countries of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in regard to deportations of their citizens to Siberia.
In 1939, [...]

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