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Monthly Archive for September, 2011

Last week I returned from an eight-day trip down the Colorado on river rafts through the Grand Canyon. It was a trip that I had always wanted to take but I have to say that the canyon view from the top of the South Rim is much more impressive and more beautiful than the voyage [...]

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Life in a Small Town

I am officially a resident of Telluride, Colorado, although I have to admit that I travel a lot and I am never in one place very long. (evidence of some ‘Gypsy’ bloodlines?) Having just returned to Telluride after traveling for a week down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, I am ‘home’ cleaning up [...]

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International Friendships

I have always been a proponent of international friendships. This feeling probably started with example, as my father had a Japanese friend that he met during World War II. As unlikely as that sounds, my father and Mr. Ishii became life-long friends. Mr. Ishii visited us a number of times when I was a child, [...]

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