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Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Our First Night in Camp

Our first night in camp was such a beautiful evening that I was lulled into a state of confidence. We were told to put up our tents, but I was tempted to ignore that advice with the thought that I would be completely happy to sleep outside under the stars. In fact, if my sons [...]

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Our First Camp

If we did not understand it before, it was clear to us when we stopped for our first night of camping that this was NOT a luxury trip. First, we were expected to help the guides unload the rafts. This included not only our wet bags and ammo cans, but also a bed pack for [...]

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Our departure point was Las Vegas, Nevada. We were cautioned to pack just a minimal amount of things, as space would be limited on the rafts. A suggested packing list went out: two pairs of pants or shorts, a couple of shirts (including a sun repellent shirt), a bathing suit, a ‘wet suit’ for keeping [...]

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