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Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Hiring a Professional

I hired a professional genealogist to help me research records, and she cannot find any U.S. entry for my Bohemian ancestors. One cousin told me that they came into the U.S. illegally, but why or how I do not know. Another cousin told me that they were somehow involved with the “Polish mafia” (whatever that [...]

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My Family’s Bohemians

A lot of this information fit my personal family history. My grandmother, Anna Repinsky, was born in South East Chicago, a Polish worker’s enclave located next to the South Works Steel Mill. Her father had immigrated from Osiek, Poland, and her mother was ‘Bohemian’. When my grandmother was a little girl, the family moved to [...]

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Learning about the Gypsies

My first effort at getting closer to the truth involved doing a lot of historical research about the Gypsy people. I probably own every book that has been written about Gypsies, including some obscure accounts written in French by “Serge of the Circus Academy” that trace the ancient trail of the Gypsies through Arles and [...]

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My DNA Match

I wrote back to my DNA match, telling him that my great-grandmother was ‘Bohemian’ but we thought she was born in Luxembourg. This was his reply:
“It seems from what you told me that you do not know the ethnic background of your great-grandmother and only refer to her as being ‘Bohemian.’ My mtDNA indicates that [...]

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