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Monthly Archive for August, 2012

The New Bomber Command Memorial

My friend Owen, who is British and lives in London, recently shared a personal story with me about his family history. His mother’s eldest brother was killed in a plane shot down during a reconnaissance flight over northern Denmark in 1940. There was only one survivor from the crew, a man who spent the war [...]

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Joining the Gypsy Caravan

In Thursday, July 12’s edition of the New York Times, there appeared an article titled ‘Joining the Gypsy Caravan.‘ This article talks about the Romany aesthetic, gaining traction on runways and streets.
Fashion is quoted as having an ‘on-again-off-again’ love affair with Romany inspirations. This ‘Gypsy Style’ is increasingly prevalent in stores and on the runways [...]

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The Case is Still Open

I am still working as a Genealogy Detective to come as close as I can to putting the story of my family together. Names that were listed on a family tree have now become live personalities for me, each with their own interesting story. I may never know anything more about my Jagusch family, as [...]

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Confirming the Facts

The Polish genealogist helping me, Kasia, is not convinced that this Rupinski family is related to me, even though they are descendants of a brother to the Jozef Rupinski that we located. This would make them relatives to me if that record is for the right person. I suggested that we look for the record [...]

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