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Monthly Archive for November, 2012

Sephardi and Ashkenazi

I have a friend who is doing both a Y-DNA and an MtDNA test. He believes that he is descended from the Sephardic Jews, and that his early ancestors were from Spain. Since I do not know much about the Sephardic Jews, I did some research.
The definition of a Sephardic Jew is a person descended [...]

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Traveling Companions

On a recent trip between Paris and New York, I sat next to a woman who was a very interesting traveling companion. In fact, I discovered that we are traveling through life together — being two women of approximately the same age, dealing with approximately the same big questions about our happiness. We agreed that [...]

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A Visit to Parma

I had the opportunity the week before last to visit the city and region of Parma, Italy. I discovered that this is one of the most economically booming regions of Italy, and perhaps the capital of food industry.
I visited a food preparation factory, servicing largely schools and nursing homes — preparing fresh meals each morning [...]

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La Toussaint

We have just finished celebrating a holiday in France called Toussaint. La Toussaint is in fact, a two-day celebration of two related holidays. Toussaint is feminine in French language because the name is an abbreviation of ‘la fete de Toussaint’ — the name is a contraction of ‘tous’ (all) and ’saint’.

The first of November [...]

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