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Monthly Archive for March, 2013

My First Trip to Copenhagen

I have been wanting to re-visit Copenhagen for many years. I made my first trip there as a young mother, taking my two oldest sons — then probably age six and age seven –with me. They were crazy about building with Legos, the national toy of Denmark, and I had promised them we would go [...]

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Tarot Card Reading

In most people’s minds, Tarot card reading means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, foretelling impending doom. In reality, that is not really what Tarot card reading is about. Tarot cards are suppose to help you come in contact with one’s ‘Higher Self’ with the help of [...]

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Mikey Walsh Interview

One of our Red Tambourine readers was kind enough to send the link to an interview of Mikey Walsh by the MIRROR in London:

By Mirror.co.uk

Real life: ‘Gypsy Boy’ Mikey Walsh is proud to be a gypsy but can never return to his old life
11 Oct 2011 00:00

Mikey Walsh is a handsome [...]

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Gypsy Boy on the Run

Some months back I posted about a book I had read titled Gypsy Boy. This story is true and was a #1 best seller in Great Britain.
Mikey is a Romany Gypsy and grew up living in a caravan on sites across the U.K. He adored his family and the rich and vibrant Romany culture he’d [...]

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