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Monthly Archive for April, 2013

The Remembrance

My mother passed away on February 16th. It was not totally a surprise in that that she was 87 years old and had been suffering from a number of heart ailments, but it was a stroke that got her in the end. If it could ever be said that there comes a ‘right’ time for [...]

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The Resistance Museum

When reviewing sights to visit in Copenhagen, I noticed that there was a Resistance Museum. I am always interested in WWII history because it is not so far from my generation. Most of us who are Baby-Boomers had fathers who fought in the war, and remember stories about WWII from our childhood. Some of my [...]

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Sostrene Grenes

One of the most interesting shops that I found myself entering on the Stroget, intrigued by the view of what I could see on display from the entry door, was Sostrene Grenes. I stepped inside to look at all the foil wrapped Easter chocolates, only to realize after touching them that they were ceramic decorations. [...]

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Revisit to Copenhagen

It was the third week in March and suddenly I realized that I had some free time, without any commitments to anyone, so I thought about making that long-desired revisit to Copenhagen. I went on-line and looked at train schedules, my preferred way to travel when in Europe, but nothing was very convenient for me [...]

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