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Monthly Archive for July, 2013

Travel Adventures

I had never visited the Pays Basque but had the opportunity to do so a few weeks ago. Our mission was to pick up some equipment that we needed from a business associate. We were on our way to Barcelona in any case, so we deviated and went further west in order [...]

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Recently, on a trip down to the Pays Basque, I passed through the city of Nimes. I had been to Nimes before to visit the ancient Roman ampitheatre on my way to the Gypsy Pilgrimage in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Nimes is located just north of Camargue, and was part of the ancient road that the Gypsies took [...]

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L’Ardeche is a region of France that I am not so knowledgeable about…..but I had the opportunity to drive through this area on route to the Pays Basque. It is famous for the Ardeche Gorges — deep, breathtaking cuts into the ground and impressive viewpoints. The Pont d’Arc is a natural stone formation known throughout [...]

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Tour de France FEVER

Everyone’s heard of the Tour de France, right? Especially with Lance Armstrong’s fall into oblivion as he was stripped of all his victories because of drug use to enhance his cycling performance…..Well, I have never been in France during the time of the Tour before, but I can tell you that the entire population is [...]

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Verbier and Valais

Valais is a canton in Switzerland, characterized by a long valley that runs between Martigny and Brig. There are mountains on both sides, with lovely villages climbing up to the tops of the Alps. A major highway runs through this valley, but there are also numerous smaller ‘national’ roads that wind up into the mountains.

One [...]

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