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Monthly Archive for August, 2013

Travels of a Suitcase

My mother passed away in February of this year at age 87 years and six months. While going through the sad task of packing up her personal belongings in order to ready her house for sale, I found two brand new, unused suitcases in her closet — both with all their original sales tags. Mom [...]

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A Visit to Many Ponies

It is summer in Colorado and I had the good fortune to have a visit from my granddaughters. One of my granddaughters, Juliana, is horse-crazy. She is only four but one can see she dreams about horses — even gallops like a horse when she runs — and she has been on a full-size horse [...]

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While visiting in the Pays Basque, I discovered that the game of jai alai is a Basque invention. I had heard of jai alai from visiting in Miami, Florida, but I didn’t know that the game had Basque origins.The game is called “zesta-punta” (basket tip) in Basque.
This is a sport involving a ball bounced off [...]

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St.-Jean-de-Luz is a charming city on the Atlantic ocean that is part of the Pays Basque. The city is located just a few kilometres from the border with Spain. Its wealth stems from its port and its past, with the town being associated with both fishing and with the capture of vessels by its own [...]

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