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Monthly Archive for November, 2013

Olive Season

It is Thanksgiving time in the U.S. and in Europe, it is late fall…..Thanksgiving is a non-event here but people are starting to get ready for Christmas. Having just returned from a two-day drive south to Perugia, there is about a month’s difference between the weather in Paris and the weather in mid-Italy. We passed [...]

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This past Halloween, I got to enjoy some fun with my granddaughters. I decided that I would dress up too, and take them for ‘trick or treat.’ This was a lucky coincidence for me, that I happened to be in New York area for this holiday, so I took full advantage.

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Mathilde Bischoff

I have a friend in Frankfurt, Germany, who has taken an interest in my German ancestry. My father’s family on both his father’s and mother’s side were Germans. My friend is a very good sleuth and has helped me locate records pertaining to my Grandmother’s parents.
Mathilde Bischoff was probably the original name of my great-grandmother. [...]

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