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Wearing Glasses

I was blessed with really good eyes….in fact, I remember asking during an eye exam, “What is 20/15?” as I had always heard about 20/20 vision as the ‘optimum.’ The eye doctor looked at me and replied, “That’s better than 20/20!”

My father was a B-17 pilot during the war and flew without glasses. He only started to wear glasses when, as he explained it, “his arms got too short!” meaning that he could no longer hold things out far enough away from him in order to see them. He needed reading glasses.

Fortunately for me, I did not need reading glasses either until I reached my mid-forties. I have developed a whole new respect for anyone who has had to wear glasses throughout their life.  For me, the biggest challenge is knowing where they are! I travel around with multiple pairs, and often find glasses in coat pockets or other secret hiding places where they were carelessly tucked.

Recently I went to my hairdresser, and despite having at least four pairs of glasses at my home …. I forgot my glasses. Fortunately, she had a fish bowl full of glasses that had been left behind by customers. Lo and behold — there was a pair that I recognized! They were mine! A distinctive pair of tortoise-shell plastic with rhinestone trim.

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