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Full Circle

This past weekend, I made a long trip from Telluride, Colorado, to New York City. I was invited to attend a baby shower for the daughter of a long-time friend. Most people would not travel so far for a baby shower — it would be easier just to send a gift — but for some reason, I felt I needed to make the ‘full circle’ on this occasion.

The new mother with Erik, age 6 months, 1981.

Peggy and I met in the mid 1970s when beoth of us were working for Bloomingdales as buyers. Peggy bought the belt department, and I was buying small leathergoods. We became friends and started to socialize outside of work. I was already married, but Peg was looking for ‘the one.’ She eventually found him, Jono, and then the four of us spent time together. Jono’s family owned a home on Nantucket, and we had lovely opportunities to visit the island during the summers. One of my favorite photos of my son Erik and I was taken on the beach in Nantucket in 1981.

Between us two young women, I had the first baby — my oldest son, Erik. I went to visit Peggy when she was pregnant with Jill, her first-born. I have photos of Erik surrounded by Peggy’s two giant labs. I hosted a baby shower for Peggy, and made her a lined basket that she could use to move the baby around the house with her while she was doing chores — I used a laundry basket to move Erik around with me in my home.

The invitation to Jill’s baby shower felt like a very special occasion to me. I had to return to New York to participate and celebrate the new baby now coming into the life of Peggy’s daughter. I am a grandmother, and now Peggy will become a grandmother too.

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