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Monthly Archive for November, 2014

A Thanksgiving Story

Today is Thanksgiving. Last Thanksgiving was a painful one for me — the first Thanksgiving without having my mother around to ‘whip’ the potatoes. This was her specialty and yearly job in the prep, a task she took pride in. I was living in Europe and opted to skip the holiday entirely. I had dinner [...]

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Mirrors and Other Subjects

My bathroom mirror is not complimentary. When I get up in the morning and catch a glimpse of myself, I want to commit ‘hari -kari’! But then when I move out into the living room, I look better in those mirrors, and reconsider my thoughts. Last night I invited a friend for dinner, and as [...]

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Historic Rendezvous in Marlenheim

In the summer of 1969, two seventeen year-old girls and one fifteen year-old boy, met in the Vosges Mountains of France at a hostel where our parents had taken us to do hiking in the mountains. I was staying with a host family in Alsace, the Wendlers. My memories are vague and foggy at this [...]

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November 1

Red Tambourine has been silent for a few months.
I have been traveling in France for about a month which has been really great for building confidence and re-connecting with friends and new projects. I have renewed enthusiasm for completing the decoration in my home after several visitors offered their opinions and ideas, and I spent [...]

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