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Two 'girls' having too much fun!

My bathroom mirror is not complimentary. When I get up in the morning and catch a glimpse of myself, I want to commit ‘hari -kari’! But then when I move out into the living room, I look better in those mirrors, and reconsider my thoughts. Last night I invited a friend for dinner, and as my heat has been out for three days, I had space heaters plugged into my wall outlets. All my electricity blew! And then I couldn’t lift the mirror off the face of my circuit box by myself so I was unable to re-instate the electricity. So I lit some candles and realized that ‘candlelight’ is by far the best for my appearance.

My friend and I were both laughing about this observation. We have vowed to stay in candlelight as much as possible.

But then I came across this photo from my recent trip to France and it shows that girls can have fun, no matter what age! There is a certain ‘prettiness’ that shines through when you are happy. So what is the moral of this story? Happiness makes beautiful.

These two girls had just been shopping in a re-sale store where each piece of clothing was marked down to 20 euros…..Chloe shirts, Prada dresses, Cavalli blouses, Gucci pants and more. Everything was ‘gently used’ but the fun we had shopping was priceless!

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