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Last post was a Thanksgiving Story…..this post, I have a New York City story to share:

Yesterday morning, I was awakened by a beeping noise…this was a 5:10 a.m. and I asked myself, ‘What could be happening?’ Was it the alarm I just installed for carbon monixide? Did someone get into the apartment building and was now randomly ringing doorbells? Was it a former suitor, returned to my doorstep to try to talk his way in? All of these thoughts went through my mind…..in a sleepy haze.

Finally I heard knocking at the door, and I knew I had to get up to see who it was. As I made my way through the living room, I heard a ‘hissing’ noise coming from the kitchen. Something was definitely wrong.

The person knocking on the door was angry, and I don’t blame him, because my refrigerator was expelling water at a fast rate! I opened the door and a man from the apartment downstairs entered in his pajamas. I was in my pajamas too. He explained to me that a torrent of water was falling through to his apartment. This had evidently happened three months earlier (not to my knowledge because I rent — no one told me!) and he had just finished repairing all the damage from that flood. We went together to the kitchen, and pulled the refrigerator out from its nook. Sure enough, a plastic tube was erupting with LOTS OF WATER. He called the superintendent, and we managed together to get the valves closed to the water and that stopped the flow. I was left with my refrigerator sitting in the center of the kitchen, a pan collecting the water that was still seeping out of the plastic tube.

I guess the only thing ‘funny’ about this story is that I met my neighbor in pajamas!

This has been a bit of a ‘bad luck’ apartment…..starting with an overflow of the washing machine when I first moved in. I have been twice without heat in the last three weeks, for three days at a time. I got sick from the last heat outage. Now the refrigerator has erupted with a flood!

Ahhh…..living in New York City.

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